Bass Pro Shops/Cabela's Gift Cards

Bass Pro Shops/Cabela's Gift Cards

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To purchase gift cards, you need to login or create a new store account and activate your NCBA Membership Benefits. Click here to get started.
Amounts $10 to $10,000

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The Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s benefit program is exclusive to NCBA members. With this member benefit you can receive discounts on gift cards and apparel as outlined below.


NCBA members receive 15% off gift cards for their business/operation. Just think, your $500 gift card only costs you $425!*

Gift cards can be used for shopping at all Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s locations, the Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Catalog and on and    

All payments will be assessed a 2.5% credit card processing fee, added to the invoice and charged at the time of processing.

All gift cards sales are final.

*Not including the 2.5% processing charge and $1 handling fee per card.

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Bass Pro Shops/Cabela's Gift Card FAQ

Q: What is the NCBA/Bass Pro Shops/Cabela's Member Benefit program?

A: NCBA has secured a 15% discount on gift cards with Bass Pro Shops/Cabela's. This is a benefit exclusive to NCBA members. All payments will be assessed a 2.5% credit card processing fee, added to the invoice and charged at the time of processing. Delivery options include electronic (e-gift card) at no cost or for physical gift cards there is a $1 shipping charge per card. There is no sales tax on gift cards. For Example: An NCBA member purchases a $100 gift card for $85 (plus additional processing and shipping charges).

Q: How do I get my NCBA/Bass Pro Shops/Cabela's discount? 

A: The 15% discount is on the purchase of Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s gift cards. They are only available on-line through the NCBA store via or at special NCBA events. Simply create your account at the NCBA Store and enter your NCBA Member credentials.

Q: Where can I use my NCBA/Bass Pro Shops/Cabela's co-branded gift card?

A: Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s gift cards are redeemable for merchandise, food and beverages only at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s stores, restaurants, or catalogs; online at, or or at Bass Pro resorts.

Q: Can I show my NCBA membership card at a store and get a discount? 

A: No. This discount is for the purchase of Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s gift cards which are offered exclusively online through the NCBA Store.

Q: How long will it take for my gift card to get sent to me? 

A: Your card order will be processed within one business day. E-gift cards should be received within one business day and physical gift cards should be received by mail within 5-7 business days.

Q: I am a member of my state cattlemen's association and NOT of NCBA. Can I still get a discounted gift card? 

A: No. This is a benefit exclusive to NCBA members. You can join NCBA on-line and immediately start receiving NCBA member benefits such as the Bass Pro Shops/Cabela's Gift Card.

Q: Are there limits on the dollar amounts of the gift cards? 

A: The minimum is $10 and the maximum amount is $2,000.

Q: How many cards can I buy? 

A: This is an on-going member benefit. You can purchase as many cards as you would like, but there is a maximum amount per gift card of $2,000. Gift card orders are limited to five (5) gift cards or $10,000 per order per day.

Q: I currently have a Bass Pro Shops or Cabela's branded VISA Credit Card that I earn Club points on. Can I still earn Bass Pro Shops/Cabela's points if I buy the NCBA/Cabela's gift cards? 

A: YES! You actually get to "double dip". The purchase of the discount gift card occurs with NCBA, so you not only earn your Bass Pro Shops/Cabela's VISA points or Bass Pro Shops/Cabela's Club points but you also enjoy the 15% discount on the purchase of your NCBA/Bass Pro Shops/Cabela's gift card.

Q: I am concerned about on-line shopping and putting my credit card on-line. Is this safe? 

A: The NCBA Store eCommerce site is very secure. NCBA has established multiple security measures to ensure the safety of your information and the transaction.

Q: What if I lose my NCBA/Bass Pro Shops/Cabela's gift card or it is stolen? 

A: Each card has a unique identity. If lost or stolen, simply contact Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s B2B Gift Card sales at [email protected] or 800-243-6626 option 2. Be sure to reference the order number listed on the confirmation e-mail you received. This number can also be found under My Account when logged in to the NCBA Store Provided there is a balance remaining on the card, it can be reissued.

Q: Do I need to spend the entire amount of the gift card on one transaction?

A: No. Each card has a unique identification number that correspondences with the amount of the card. Each time the card is used, that amount is deducted from the record of that card.

Q: Can I have a card I buy shipped directly to a friend? 

A: No. Cards can only be shipped to the address on file of the credit card used to purchase the physical gift card or e-mail addresss on file for the NCBA member who purchased the e-gift card. Cards can be shipped anywhere to a valid street address in the US or Canada. Orders over $500 will be shipped via FedEx and are unable to ship to a PO box.

Q: Can I get an electronic gift card?  

A: Yes, electronic gift cards can be sent to the email address on file for the NCBA member account.